Baby Lead Weaning

So my son eats all table foods. Its a battle for us to try and feed him so we let him feed himself. He really enjoys it and has been eating table foods since he was 5 months. I cut every thing up small and let him at it.

BUT I'm wondering with the Lead weaning do I need to cup up his foods as much as I do. He still chokes on his food at most every meal. and the bits are small... I try to make them around the size of a my thumb nail... I'm just trying to be safe...

Just wondering what other momma's are doing and how they do it.
Thanks :)

    I make them smaller like that if they aren't something that are mushy (boiled egg yolk, avocado, banana). Grace is an egg lover.. She's eating about two scrambled eggs a day-the only kind she'll touch. I make sure the bites are small. I make sure the chunks of whatever are the size of a cheerio or smaller because that's what works for her.

    It could be textures, too. Some kids are more sensitive to textures and babies have an awesome gag reflex to make sure they don't choke.
      I've read that the size of your pinky finger tip is how big to cut the pieces, depending on what it is like soft fruit and cooked veggies for meat I make sure its small and shredded well because she can't chew well yet.
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