Am I the only one

I swear it is the worst time for a stupid cold. I have 5 different appointments starting from Wed the 19 to Monday December 1st. Next Wed Ashley has a GI doctor's appointment because now she isn't using the bathroom the right way and a WIC appointment on the 21st. The following Monday the 24th, going to get her hearing checked again. Have to be out of the house pretty early for that one. Than Wed the 26th we have her MRI to go too. Hoping that goes well. Didn't like getting the first one done but it has to be done. Than on Monday the 1st, I am getting 9 teeth pulled out of my mouth. Thankfully that is covered under my insurance and all these trips to all these doctors are covered under Ashley's insurance.

Hope everyone has a good night and a good Thanksgiving week if I don't check back in with you nice and loving Ladies.

    I have not tried it but I have seen the commercials. Try that alca selser cold. It will help clear up your nose. Of course Vicks on your chest possibly Tylenol for headaches. OH you could get Johnson and Johnson Vapor Bath. We use it for my son (10 months) when he is sick or stuffed up. Works wonders. But you could use it for a bubble bath or just use it after you use soap in the HOT Lots of steam shower. Just so you can get that good vapors in there. chicken soup helps to but I just like to drink the broth so I just buy the broth in a can and heat it up and drink that.

    Hope you feel better and Hope all is well with Ashley. You have a very Happy Thankggiving to :)
      I hope you feel better soon.
        Melissa Middleton
        I hope you feel better, Nikki, and that things simmer down. Happy early Thanksgiving to you, and may your week be brighter.
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