Help mommies worried about sick son

My son has been sick for 2 or 3 weeks with this cough and a lil runny nose his normal sickness does not last this long he had a feaver but only in the beginning now it is just a bad cough hanging on and now a runny nose strting.

    If it has lasted that long I think I would call the doctor and see what they want you to do, if they want you to take him in to see them. Sometimes a humidifier in their room especially at night will help.
      Maybe he developed a new allergy that could be causing the cough and runny nose to linger, I would have him seen by a doctor. I hope he feels better soon!
        Check with the doctor to make sure it's not serious and get a lot of vitamin c in him. Kiwi and other citrus fruits have the most and are easier for the body to absorb, orange juice then supplements.
          Glad you got it figured out! Hope he feels better soon.
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