Children in hot cars.

My youngest is 36 and living down here in Fl. We were originally from NJ.. My grandson just turned one and is precious. I want to make all new moms, aware of accidentally/momentarily leaving a child alone in a car. It only takes a moment for something to happen, especially if you live in the south or southwest. Cars heat up quickly. Check out

    Confession: I know this can happen... I left my daughter in the car when she was 1 week old... I ran into the grocery store to grab something and came back quickly and realized I had left her in there... she was still sleeping. Thankfully it was January and she was bundled to the hilt. I never made that mistake since and honestly do not know how I did it in the first place... But it does happen... just take an extra second before leaving the car to check your bearings... I think this would have helped me!
      I went to forgetmenot.usa as you suggested and found they have a link to a website called This company has invented a great little device that is very inexpensive and will keep us from ever forgetting our kids. I plan to get these as stocking-stuffers for my three adult granddaughters, one of which just had a baby in July. I would recommend this to all new mothers and moms-to be.
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      I am a new grandma and he has brought new vistas into our lives. The more we see him, the more we want to love and protect him. Here in Fl we do not underestimate the heat. Join me in preventing children being left alone in hot cars, their life is fragile.
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