Is there such thing as disciplining a 16 month old?

Elise is to much lately makes a mess with everything trows toys every where, trows the food in the floor, manages to get on of her high chair, and bites.

    She also slaps her self or bangs her head when I tell her not to do something.
    Selena has been bumping the back of her head on whatever she can, like she'll back up to the wall or whatever and lean her head back to make a slight thump sound. I tell her no and all but i'll catch her doing that every now and then. Must be a phase or something.
    Discipline is hard until they hit 3 years old that's when we started time out chair with my niece and kept going with it. 1 minute for every year old they are, 3yr old = 3 minutes... till then just keep redirecting and finding something else for them to do.