Christmas Cards - Nope...

When I was little, my family would get Holiday cards from all our friends and families and it was my job to place them on our fridge in a collage to look at for the holidays. I liked seeing all the kids change throughout the years.. And I thought for sure I would be that person as well..

But I'm not.

First, I think I have maybe 3 friends addresses.. Like actual home address.. And they could even be old from years before they were even married.. and I won't send an email picture, because I know that I don't open all of them..

I sound Bah Humbuggy... I don't mean to.. When my friends now hand me their cards, I usually look at them and then put them somewhere that I find in January..

So, let me ask... How many of you actually do a card? Email card?​

    I don't usually do them. But I love them, think they are so cute. We did one like 2 years ago they has Santa at walmart and you could have your picture taken with him then it cost $5 to have them turned into holiday cards.
      I am a card person... my husband is always telling me to cut back on who we send them out to because we never get cards back from some people. But I just feel like it is my thing for the holiday!
        8Theresa Gould
        I use to send out a photo and card or photo and family newsletter until my husband was laid off in 2008 and we had to do major budget cuts, plus I was getting fewer and fewer cards in return. But I did like to get them ready and send them. I think the last time was in 2010 that we sent them, as that is when we had our last family photo done.
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