Need advice..

I was informed by my best friend the other day that my teenage daughter accidently texted her son and said that she was bi-sexual..She did not mean to send the text to him, it was meant for somebody else..I want to talk to her about it and let her know that I don't care if she likes girls, I will still love her no matter what.But I promised my friend I would not say anything because she doesn't want her son to know she told me..I always thought she told me everything and thought she was comfortable enough to tell me anything..I have thought for a while now that she might not like boys cause she's never been into them like most teenage girls..I want her to talk to me about this, but how do I get her to tell me without her knowing that her friend told his mom?

    Have you had the sex talk with her? Ask her what she thinks about it and go from there.
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