Jury duty for pumping moms

Has anyone or do you know of a pumping mom that got called for jury duty? My coworker did and they told her that she would get time to pump, though turns out she only could pump during the lunch break. (The other breaks are only 10 minutes and it takes 5 minutes just to get to the mother's room!) She would go in early to pump before the trial started and then would pump after she got home and finished nursing her little one. She also said the mother's room has limited hours and is not open on Friday's.

I know SAHM moms can get out of jury duty, though working and pumping moms cannot. It seems if they require working and pumping moms to be there, they should allow them the time to pump to provide for their little one or allow them to postpone until they are done pumping during the day to not mess with mom's supply!

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