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So money is super tight now for me. My husband works and pays for all the house bills, insurances, going out to supper, all that kind of stuff. I pay for groceries things we need for the house, those kinds of things. As of right now I have $45 to my name in my checking account for the rest of the month. I work 2 days a week and get paid $800 a month. I am trying to get my credit cards paid off, about ($800) all together. If I didn't have the "holiday season" happening now I could probably be just fine. It just seems I need more money this time of year. I don't know why. I try to only spend $100 a month on groceries and that includes food for Owen. His formula does not count. Its about $50 a month on formula. (O-well, he needs it nothing I can do about it) next month I will be able to pay off one card but will still have $700 on my other card. I do not use this card.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips ideas ways to help figure out this money situation. I don't want to ask my husband for money because he works so hard and pays for everything else. I have tried making a budget but how do I figure out how to budget for what??? Its hard enough right now I and we want to start trying for another baby next year... how can we have a baby if we really can't afford it? How do you stay at home momma's with more then one baby do it?

Any help would be great.

Thanks :)

    First off.. how do you only do $100 a month in groceries? You're my hero lol.
    When we did our budget, we started off with the bills-and we figure high and round up to the dollar when we budget. We just have hubby's income so it's all in one budget, any money I get from surveys goes to some of groceries or clothes for me/kids.
    So.. write down income, then write down bills-these are MUST haves. What we are trying to do with our cards is pay interest then round up to nearest ten (so interest is say $15, round up to $20 and pay that).
    Then write down how much you need for gas, formula, diapers.. Other things you HAVE to get every month no matter what.
    For us, the grocery bill is typically around $300, but can vary $50 either way depending on sales, this includes pet supplies, paper products and any other household needs.

    If you need to know more detail of what you are spending, save the receipts and record everything-make categories (clothes, household groceries, snacks, treats, baby).

    My mom used to be a budget counselor with Dr. Dave Ramsey. He has the envelope system (works great if you get in trouble using cards). You take what you have budgeted, turn it into cash, and label each envelope (groceries, baby, bills, gas). The cash goes in each envelope, once it's gone, it's gone. If there's any left over, it rolls into next month, or you can put it in a savings account-your choice.

    Does this make any sense? We did the cash for awhile, but decided just budgeting through spreadsheets was better suited for us. We have it pretty much figured out now, I just started having everything in a notebook instead of everything on my computer.
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