Momma on a bugdet...

So money is super tight now for me. My husband works and pays for all the house bills, insurances, going out to supper, all that kind of stuff. I pay for groceries things we need for the house, those kinds of things. As of right now I have $45 to my name in my checking account for the rest of the month. I work 2 days a week and get paid $800 a month. I am trying to get my credit cards paid off, about ($800) all together. If I didn't have the "holiday season" happening now I could probably be just fine. It just seems I need more money this time of year. I don't know why. I try to only spend $100 a month on groceries and that includes food for Owen. His formula does not count. Its about $50 a month on formula. (O-well, he needs it nothing I can do about it) next month I will be able to pay off one card but will still have $700 on my other card. I do not use this card.

I'm wondering if anyone has any tips ideas ways to help figure out this money situation. I don't want to ask my husband for money because he works so hard and pays for everything else. I have tried making a budget but how do I figure out how to budget for what??? Its hard enough right now I and we want to start trying for another baby next year... how can we have a baby if we really can't afford it? How do you stay at home momma's with more then one baby do it?

Any help would be great.

Thanks :)

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