Watery poop farts

Okay so my 3.5 month old daughter has been pushing like she is farting but a shirt of watery orangy/ yellowish poop comes out. She is mostly breastfed but does take the bottle with breast milk in it... Is this diarrhea?

Did you or her eat anything different in the last four days? Is she acting sluggish? She could have gotten a bug and her body is fighting it off just fine.
My kids get runny poop if they are fighting something off but not really showing any other symptoms. Eat more vitamin c so it gets through your milk and helps raise her immune system even more. Sounds like her body is doing it's job.
    It's normal for breastfed baby, if it was diarrhea it would be yellow green or brown and runny. Having it be orange yellow or brown means that a pigment during digesting was picked up from something through the milk into their bodies.
    When you have time read this, it'll tell you all about it!
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