it's been a while---update and help please?? (sorry it's a bit long)

So I haven't been on here since my son was first born. He is now 5 months!
Tracy is now 26in long and 18+ pounds. He is my joy! But it's a struggle for him to stay asleep. He has been back to the point where he only sleeps for 1-3 hours at a time (help??)
He seems to be consistently constipated. I was giving him apple prune juice every other feeding. I just read from a post that this can harm babies teeth before they even start coming in. Any advice?
Yesterday I found out that he has pink eye (I believe). I called in a prescription (vigamox) but my insurance (which I thought was pretty good) only covered $14 which left my bill at $122. $122 for eye drops?? Needless to say I did not get them. I'm calling today to see if I can get the generic brand for cheaper. In case I cannot, is there anything I can do besides using a warm, damp cloth?

So I have a job at the Career Academy here! I am the in house sub. They wanted to hire me as a 5-6th grade teacher but I cannot pass my licensing test :( My work schedule (as everyone else's here) is just far too long though (7:30-5pm) I miss my baby! But I don't know what else to do or where else I can go. Previously I only had experience as a server and a housekeeper

Last--- Im really considering getting a divorce. But I don't know if I'm just being to picky or what. He seems like a good man on the outside but he is giving me the blues. My husband leaves to go do whatever and refuses to tell me. . Then he comes home 3-5am. Last night he didn't even get back until 6:45am--when i was leaving for work! and when he did come in he was totally drunk -- What is he doing for all that time? Then he sets up dates to go have sex with other people. I ordinarily would not worry so much except each "date" that he makes has one thing I don't have----a penis. I don't know what he has done. What he hasn't done. What makes this even more frustrating for me at this point is that at our church he leads worship, is the choir director, he is our regional youth president, and he is a minister in the church. But I don't want to be a '"snitch" but geesh!! I have been dealing with this since September of 2012 (not even a month after we got married) and I am losing my juice.


Sorry to vent about this last part, but I just don't know what to do anymore.

Oh and I'm including a pic of my little man :)

it's been a while---update and help please?? (sorry it's a bit long)
    he is so cute! I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with your husband behavior. It's hard especially if he involved in church life, it's just unacceptable. Have you tried to talk to your pastor about? I know it could cause some problems for him, but hopefully only for good.
    #2. constipation: are you still breastfeeding or formula? if formula, may be he needs a different brand with probiotics. He is 5 months old, so if you're ok, you can start him on pureed steamed vegetables which may help with his constipation.
    #3. Sleep: could it be because of his constipation?
      Elana--Thank you for the possible solutions for constipation. We had to stop breastfeeding because my milk, sadly, dried up. I will look for a new formula and start with steamed pureed veggies. That sounds like a great plan! I'm not sure if the sleep is due to the constipation. I guess it is very possible.

      Laura-- Thank goodness I was able to get a different brand of eye drops that was a lot cheaper

      Tabitha, Elana, and Laura-- I appreciate your advice. I had been thinking of speaking with our pastor. I told my husband that if he wants this marriage to work out at all, then we need to go to the pastor. Laura, thank you for the sharing a tidbit of your story and advising me to have the pastor's wife present (I am a fairly emotional person) and even to ask that he not lead at this time. You are so right.

      Thank you all so much for all your wisdom about baby and relationships. I hope to be on the website more often then I have been able to.
      Well for the baby make sure your baby is drinking a lot of water or baby juice. And when it comes to your man!
      You have every right to leave him. Cheating is the one thing you don't have to put up with and the bible tells you that. My husband and I run a christian web site called godly if you want to look at our website. And if the pastor at your church thinks its ok for your man to act that way. Your in the wrong church! Acting like that he isn't a good man or a good christian. He shouldn't be doing ministry at all. If he doesn't change it would be best for you and your child to leave him. Sorry to be so honest but the truth sometimes hurts. We will be praying for you!
        u can use manzanilla tea for pink eye just put 3drops in each eye and it will clear out in 3 days and hang in there
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