The heartbeat bill...not starting an argument just voicing myself

For those of you who don't know, the heartbeat bill would ban abortion at the sound of a heartbeat in Ohio. Someone is arguing insest and rape as exceptions. As a victim of rape I don't agree with this, I was raped at 16 by my friends step father, in the bedroom of him and her mother. This was a man I trusted looked up too and a man that taught me a lot about horses which is actually my passion. As I sat in a doctors office waiting for pregnancy test results they told me my options had it come back positive, abortion didn't even cross my mind adoption maybe but not abortion. I believe that the child did not ask to be produced as much as the mother didn't ask to be raped, yes it would've been hard to look at djs face everyday but I would've done it. The outside world doesn't realize that rapes in a situation where you trust the person can be very mentally confusing to this day 4 almost 5 years later I still wonder if I only talked to him would he be able to tell me why why me why then everything. Now insest my little brother, not biologically but my mom has had him since birth is the product of his mother and grandfather, this is a happy mostly healthy bright little boy who at 4 years old can count to 100. He's the also the best thing that ever happened to my mother, he was born six months before my rape. Had his mother chosen to abort him I wouldn't have made it through the hard time I had after the rape, waking up to his smiling baby faces everyday made it a little easier not to cry 24/7. Some people believe in abortion I do not if everyones entitled to their own opinion but that's mine and I will proudly own it and no one no matter what they argue will change it. I've seen the dark side of both ends and have also seen the light at the end of the forest of fear.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
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    Me too, there's so many familys out there wanting a baby that can't have one if you don't want it there's services to help you find the right family for it. No reason to kill an innocent tadpole that didn't ask for you to have sex and produce them.
      Oh, wow, that is a tough story. I'm sorry that happened to you. I totally do not agree with your views on abortion, but that's beside the point. I've never had an abortion - and never would - but I feel it is absolutely a valid choice in some instances, especially if it impacts the mother's health (physical or mental). If what you described had ever happened to me or to my daughter (God forbid!), I would push for an abortion as quickly as humanly possible.
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