Here goes nothing (sorry if it might be a small rant and a TMI post too).

Ashley had a GI appointment the other day (1 out of 4 appointments for her) because I brought up to her doctor that she hasn't been pooping the right way for a bit now. Well the GI doctor wants me to give Ashley 3/4 of an adult enema and then 5 minutes later give her a child enema. Then for the rest of the day every hour miralax in 4 ounces of clear liquid. Plus Ashley can't eat any table food until dinner till I get her clean out. I feel bad I have to do this, I have too. They told me she might be afraid to go because she did have nasty runs a couple of months back, and got a nasty rash because of it, it might of scared her to go. Because of it, the doctor can feel she is backed up pretty good and so can I and my SO. Hope this goes well tomorrow.

Plus I got a hearing test to get done on her on Monday along with blood work that the GI doctor wants done because Ashley keeps losing weight like crazy. They think it might have something to do with her thyroid. So Monday is going to be a long day. Then have her MRI on Wed. Thankfully we are staying with a family member of my SO for we don't have to come all the way home just to back track again for Thanksgiving. Than on Monday Dec 1st, I get 9 teeth taken out of my mouth. Thankfully my SO will be off to help me with that one. Not sure how Ashley will take to that one because she is very clingy to me. I take care of her 99.9% of the time so it is understandable.

At times I just want to crawl underneath a rock, cry my eyes out, and then not come out for a another couple of weeks to a couple of months. Feel like I am getting no where. No one is giving me answers and I am getting to the point if no one starts going to give me answers, I am going to be one PO mommy. I have cried numberous days so far because I feel like a mother because it looks like I am not feeding her but I am. She eats every thing in sight and she keeps losing the weight. It's one of those WTF moments.

Sorry for the TMI / long rant. Seems like you ladies can help out and give some support with things.

    I hope everything gets better for you and Ashley! Hugs!
      I hope she gets better soon and they give you answers. I know how tough not having answers can be, bentley has neurological problems were in the midst of a million tests for. It's hard to just want to know if they're ok or just have an answer to what's wrong, I've actually gotten to the point that I want them to tell me what's wrong cuz if they tell me he's fine in gonna snap.
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