Fighting Siblings

​My girls are 3 and 4. Sometimes they love each other to death and are like best friends, its so cute. Other times they act like they hate each other. I know almost all siblings are like this. My question is, What do you do when your kids are beating the crap out of each other? What's their punishment? My kids can be brutal and I don't know where they learnt it cause they are only really around their dad and I, and we usually see a couple family members a couple times a week, they've never seen anyone physically fight before. For my kids ifs its real bad they will get their butts busted and explained why they aren't allowed to hit other people(kind of a contradiction though smacking them for smacking), if its a little cat fight they get in time out and explained to also. Do some of you moms just let them fight it out occasionally? And if so what's taking it to far?

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    well with our girls .. depending on who started it and what happened my oldest gets things taken away for a while tv time . favorite blanket . etc toys .. but can earn them back when she shows good behavior i also do something called 1...2...3....magic ...not kidding this works i used to spank my oldest when she continually do the same behavior over and over again but it wasn't working ... i mean they weren't hard by any means just enough to get her attention ...but since starting 1...2...3 system she is a totally different child this system gives them the choice to choose .. here a link to the program…
      Never personally tried it, but I've seen people on Pinterest get a real big t-shirt and make both kids wear it together, that way they are stuck with the problem and have to resolve it. Donno if it would work for you though, lol!
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