Today will be a busy day. I didn't realize when I made Tristen's appointment for his shots that it was the day before Thanksgiving, and made it for this morning...but it was all they had for the next few months. He was SO grumpy yesterday and he always gets super grumpy after his shots so I am expecting more of the same from yesterday. Hope everyone has a better day then I'm expecting! Lol

He did so good. Only screamed while he was getting his shots then told the nurse thank you and then waved and said goodbye to her.
Bentley and Breanikas dr always makes sure they get a lollipop and stickers after shots. And breanika really freaks when you hold her down, one of the "perks" of her time with her "mom" so shots are hard for her.
She gave Tristen a sticker and he said thank you so she gave him another one. Lol yeah that would be hard because you have to hold them down. Tristen hates it too and he is super strong so it takes a lot of effort to hold him.
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