I have a serious question about having a baby??\

Me and my gf wanna have a baby its something i really want but how my tubes are tied i have no insurance should i get my tubes untied or get the vetro i wanna have the baby to full term.. i wanna do this really soon i live in plano area tx so where do i start looking..?? please help me thanks

    That is something I would STRONGLY recommend you talk to your doctor with because I don't know enough about having your tubed tied or getting a vetro to know if it's a good idea or not. Wish I could be of more help than what I've already suggested and I do hope someone who's been in your situation before can be of better help to you. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend.
      heather I may not be any help but I am kinda in the same sort of journey as well. Message me and I will do all I can to help . I have a little research info. I have found out on the subject.
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      trying to have a baby with my girlfrind please help i have two beautiful kids with my x,