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Hello ladies! I need some ideas please. We are wanting to start Christmas stockings (hubby wants this year...but I want to hand embroider designs..which means NEXT year.. 7 stockings including grandma's). I know what to do for hubby's, my oldest and my MIL's, and probably mine.. Still needing to find the pictures for them though.. I want something that's not going to be a little kid theme persay, but something that will last. So any ideas? Any coloring sheet will work as I just need an outline and can fill in with whatever color suits..

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    My kids have poinsettias and holly leaves on theirs. Their nana gave it to them with their names on them. My kids don't care as long as their is something in them for them.

    A mouse, moose, reindeer, or other winter type animals would be really cute for the kids and it would not be too childish as they grew older. What about stocking with their intials?
    LOL I know they won't care, but I care lol. Animals would be cute. Hubby wants me to take fabric paint and paint/write their names across the top.

    I just want them fancy lol, so more than their name.
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      cool, thanks. I was googling pictures and think I found some.. Adrianna loves Precious Moments.. so found a few of those.. We always call Eva our little Strawberry Shortcake-but haven't found one I like yet... Andrew is so difficult! LOL And Grace I don't know, she doesn't really have a personality yet. Hubby is easy-he's a HUGE Shrek fan and MIL is getting a snowscape....
        ...Hubby saw the pictures I picked and balked 'they are too babyish'. Sorry, I can't think of my babies as being grown up. ... So he 'suggested' we do something to go with the meaning of their names....

        Adrianna Marie-bitter woman from Hadria, Italy (ouch, sorry kid)
        Andrew Frank-warrior, free man from France
        Eva Rosita-life, horse, beautiful rose
        Grace Elizabeth-God's gift, God's perfection

        So with Adrianna I'm thinking a map of Italy... but what else?....
        Eva-he is going to ask an artist friend of his if he can draw me something like a horse drawn sleigh with roses intertwined
        Grace-... I've got a Star of Bethlehem and praying hands with a Bible...
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