After Thanksgiving, do you get ready for Christmas?

I love the holidays and this year is very exciting! Our daughter Autumn just turned one and she is our big girl now! Yesterday after our awesome Thanksgiving dinner, all of the fall decorations came down, and the Christmas spirit came out and decorations went up!! Tonight Autumn will meet santa and have her picture taken at our annual tree lighting ceremony in our town. Yesterday morning we shopped and this weekend is more shopping for Christmas. We are on our way to new memories with our little girl and look forward to Christmas this year. Are you ready for Christmas mamas?

    Melissa Middleton
    We do start prepping for Christmas, but we also find things throughout the year on sale and put away for Christmas, as well as start Lay-Away early. I love the Christmas decor more than the harvest ones though. :) It seems more fun this year since we added Jonah and Jaina is now living with us. I told my hubby the other day that when I was a kid, my mother would make the holidays magical for us and now we are making it magical for our children. Also, Jonah will be close to a year old once Christmas is here, so he will be able to enjoy it. He loves to rip up paper, so unwrapping his own gifts won't be a problem for him. I have not been this excited for Christmas in a long time. We will have their Christmas photos done to send to family soon, and then they will meet Santa sometime this year. Jonah is very friendly, so I will not need to wonder how he will handle sitting on Santa's lap. I have a feeling he will pull his beard though because he pulls relatives and his daddy's. We are decorating the tree tonight. We usually do it on the 1st but Jaina has school and will be visiting her grandmother today through Sunday. I need to put the rest of my harvest decor away. We also need to get more Christmas decorations. It's wonderful that Autumn will be old enough to enjoy Christmas as well. Isn't that exciting?
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