Taking babies on the beach

first of all, you should have a good sun protection for your baby. Baby's skin is much more sensitive and prone to burn faster. It's better if you're baby will be under a beach umbrella, not under the direct sunlight.

Hat is a must on beach! Also have lot of water available to drink. Breastfeeding babies should be nursed more often while on the beach.

I'm always afraid of big waves and it's not safe for a baby to play by big water. Consider to make a little blow up pool for them, bring their toys, and you can relax while your baby is busy playing.

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    Living near the beach, I've seen lots of moms out there with their babies. Sun protection, like you said, is a HUGE must, especially if you have a fair-haired/fair-skinned child. I've seen these really neat half-dome tents that a lot of the moms here take to the beach. You just stake it into the sand and voila, sun-protected baby play area.

    I am like you too in the I think it would be scary to take baby near big waves, but I would maybe let them go where they can get their toes wet.
      I'd be really worried about the sand getting in their eyes.
      8Theresa Gould
      Sunglasses would help if they'd keep them on!
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