How much do you expect your husband/partner to help out at home?

My husband doesn't do much in the home, I try to keep it clean and cozy but he doesn't care much about. He never put his dishes away, he thinks that this is not his job but mine. I dream when I will be able to walk into the kitchen and find no evidence of him eating because he will have put the dishes away.

    Ever Lopez
    this use to happen after we got married and had our 1st child, he used to eat and just leave the dishes exactly where he ate, shoes in a corner, bathroom looking like a hurricane pass through ect. So one day I got feed up, he found NO Dishes, his sneakers in the trash can and the bathroom just like he left it the day before but a Lil more dirty, he try to confront me and I just went crazy on him, NOW after a 3rd child I am a SAHM and he have to do at least the basic, his late snack dish, shoes where they belong, and bathroom just like he found it CLEAN!!!

    We women have to make our partner help out at least the basic, not make them feel like they have a slave that HAVE to do everything for them!
      I am very lucky for the most part becasue my husband is a very clean person. There are a few thing he leaves laying around but for the most part he picks up after himself and he helps me clean when I'm not feeling well. He even puts his dirty clothes in the hamper!
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