my friend needs help.

Here is what she says:
My daughter now has food allergies. She has to avoid: Casein, Dairy, Wheat, Pork, Beef, Chocolate Cocoa, Clams, Cinnamon, and Walnuts. Trying to find recipes for the next month. This is going to be difficult...

    Yikes!!! That's A LOT your friend's daughter has to avoid!!! Best thing I can tell you is to consult with her daughter's pediatrician (which would be my first recommendation anyway) about what alternatives would be best for her daughter. I'm not one to give answers when I don't know enough about food allergies (even though I work WITH food almost every day) but my honest opinion on this is that the only other option she's got is to look up vegetarian/gluten-free/dairy-free recipes. Hope your friend is able to come up with something soon.
      Dairy and wheat (gluten) are going to be the biggest issue. Add in peanuts and peas as they process as dairy in our bodies.
      It will be easier to cook from scratch. She can get gluten free flour, most grocery stores carry it now. If she makes her own seasoning blends she won't have to worry about wheat additives in those (Pinterest has huge lists).
      Almond milk and veggies are great substitutes for calcium. Dairy free alternatives for just about everything are out there.
      My niece who has similar allergies eats a lot of chicken. They make her safe bread and buy chicken breast.
      Have her check Pinterest and there are a lot recipe books now.
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