his ex.

So I finally did it i've been telling him for months that some of her stuff was was scattered about and it made me uncomfortable, he told me to give him some time and he would get it all boxed up well that didn't happen so I may have handled it wrong but I messaged her and asked her if she knew she left some stuff here and I would send it to her, she said she knows and it would be here because this is her house she is the one that left and i didn't even know her they were apart a long time before i even met him so, im such a nice person i never messed with her stuff at all i just let it be well after that conversation i boxed up all her stuff myself. This is my house now Aaron is with me now and we are about to have a son i'm not having her stuff here in my house, was that wrong of me to do. I feel kind of bad for not letting Aaron take care of it but i was almost to my breaking point.

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