My rights as a mom.

Apparently I'm not allowed to take my own son up north with my bf this summer while he works. is this right​? what do you think?

    Amber, I am assuming you are no longer with your son's dad so just to throw in another perspective. I am married to a wonderful man who loves his 4 kids. Two different times their mom decided she wanted to move far away and take the younger kids with her. It was very hurtful to him to have her try to move the kids so far away from him as if his relationship with them is unimportant. He loves them too and wanted very much to be a part of their daily lives. Yes, they could visit but it is not the same as being able to be there at school events, or sports events. I realize your situtation might be different but I think it is important to understand the importance of the relationship your son has with his dad. I hope you can find a way to work things out in the best interest of you all. Blessings
    I completely agree with Rayna.
      be careful and do not sign a custody agreement without having an attorney review it first. I did and now have to get a NOTARIZED travel permit for ANY trip outside our home state, and can not move to any county that is not adjacent to my ex's home address without his approval. As others have mentioned, the custody agreement must be drafted with the kids' best interest in mind first, and both parents should be involved in their lives at the same level, if they are willing to do so. However, if your son's dad is not going to see him, why not let him go on vacation during the summer? he is probably just jelous of your bf. Good luck!
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        Amber McNerney, how did this situation turn out? Hope all is well with you!
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        hi ya'll! my name is Amber. I had my son, Casey when i was 15. He is my world! I am still with this father, Kaleb thank God! I love to hunt,fish and mudd. I also love photography. I joined the site because i want to get to know more young moms like me.