It's gonna be a sleepless night

My step daughter alexis is completely out of control. We let her go to a friends last night and she took off with some guy. She proceeded to cuss her dad out over us telling her she was wrong for doing that and went back to her moms. She has countless truancy fines (from while living with her mom) and was recently expelled from her school. She's in cyber school right now and doesn't do her work. She has a court hearing in December but we want her placed before then, all of us her mom included. It sounds bad to want her in Juvie but at least there we know she's safe. We actually see her next step as heroin if she doesn't get placed now. We're calling the magistrate tomorrow that's dealing with her truancy and having her picked up. I feel bad doing it but it's not fair to either set of parents (us or her mom and step dad) or the other kids involved for this. She does as she pleases and she's bad with a capital B. We feel it's time to show her crime and life isn't a joke.

5sarah New Bern, North Carolina
    That's rough, your doing the right thing though, hugs!!
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