My baby is getting too big for her britches.

Last night Ellsie climbed up onto the couch, put her little feet on my legs and scowled at me. When I looked at her and asked her, "what's wrong, boo?"

She kicked her legs up into the air and said, "I pee!"

It took me a minute to process this. She's not even 15 months old yet. So I asked her, "you peed? Are you sure?"

"I pee."

"Well, daddy JUST changed you, let's just check okay?"

Sure enough... her diaper was wet. Looks like Ellsie is getting a potty chair for Christmas.

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First time mom to my beautiful little Ellsie. It took four years to conceive our little miracle and she continues to surprise and amaze us every day. Love to chat with new people, take photos, read, walk, dance, and sing. :)