Kind of in a tangled mess

So I made the mistake of little my son sleep in bed with me since he was born. We had his bed right next to our literally an arms length away. As time would go by I would say at the end of the month I will get him in his room and in his crib. Well now its so hard. I know with my next baby bassinet next to our bed is will my future baby will sleep because its such a hard habit to break. When Jacob was first born it was more of me wanting him in our bed because of breastfeeding and it made me sleep better at night knowing he was in my arms but now Jacob is a year old. Ahhh! My husband gets so frustrated because he will sleep in his bed next to ours but I have to get him asleep then he will end up in the bed about 4 for a feeding ( which I know he doesn't need but is more for his comfort) I need advice on sleep training. Should I just go cold turkey let him cry it out in his crib. I'm also still breastfeeding but want to stop soon. Should I do it all at once or do the sleep training then weening next.

    i would do a sleep training then winning to minimize his stress. I think it’s good to tell him, verbally, that you are going to help him to feel safe in his own bed even though he is only 1. So take one small step first. Change something that your child feels he “needs” when going to sleep. If he needs the light on, tell him that you’ll help him go to sleep in the dark. Or if he needs his teddy or pacifier, propose to put teddy on the nightstand, or his pacifier in a jar by his bedside. Just propose the change.
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