What does it take to stop sugar cravings?

Sugar...how does your body react to sugar?
I would like to eliminate sugar from my diet completely. I know it's really hard, especially for me because I like treats very much.
It is recommended to have no more than 1 tbsp of sugar per day (including natural sweeteners like honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup). Most Americans get about 1 cup of sugar per day, about 16 times the recommended amount. Sugar feeds bed cells in your body, including cancerous, can cause food allergies, GI problems and contribute to obesity.
Studies show that the addictive intensity of sugar can be even greater than that of cocaine.Some people can have a small piece of cake and be satisfied with it, but this is a much bigger challenge for me.
So, I have decided to stop eating sugar. First week my whole body was shaking because it got used to it. I tried to eat balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner and do not grab any snacks. Then I started Paleo, what a wonderful diet! Paleo has made a wonderful difference-it is wonderful to be free of my chocolate-sugar monster!!
I start sleeping better, feeling better, looking better ( i think).

    That sounds like a great idea. But j think I'd die, like on that show drake and josh when they take sugar awAy and drake breaks out in a rash.
      Good info thanks. I love baking! So It's Hard lol
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