hey Ladies

How are you lovely ladies sorry I haven't been on in awhile been having some issues. Was in the er today, Dr thought I was having premature labor, and now I think I'm having bowel problems because I have this really strong cramping in the top of my stomach and it shoots down when I try the use the RR. I know that's kinda tmi but if I can get some advice on it I would greatly appreciate it. Im also thinking that maybe its just pains from my uterus being pushed up because I'm now 15 weeks pregnant, so maybe that's it too....idk but hope all you ladies had a wonderful day and are having a wonderful night

    Drink more water or some apple juice to help and do not push your bowel out.
      Melissa Middleton
      The ladies gave some great suggestions. Constipation is common in pregnancy, and it is not fun--I know. I hope you get to feeling better.
        My Dr proscribed me miralx so I just started that and I have had some relief and doing better today have an appointment tomorrow
          Thank you ladies
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