Christmas Traditions

While I was growing up, some of the Christmas traditions I remember were:
Grandma and Grandpa would get us a new Disney movie every year along with a new ornament for the tree.
We would decorate the Christmas tree together while the cooking we made were baking in the oven, and we listened to Christmas music while doing so. We also hand-made ornaments as well. And we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. As we each moved out, the ornaments that were given to us throughout the years, were placed in a box and given to us during the month of Dec (before Christmas) so we could place them on our own tree with our own little family.

Since I now have my own family, my mother sent me my ornaments (last year) and has now carried on the tradition that my grandparents did for us, for my own children. They get a new movie, an ornament, and we all get a new family ornament to hang on the tree (along with a few my mother made for us). She also gives them gifts as well--can someone say, "Spoiled?"

This year, we decorated the tree while Christmas music played. Next year, I want to have them bake cookies beforehand so they can bake while we decorate the tree. And, we are going to be making ornaments as we did the previous years. We also started the tradition of getting the kids a new ornament each year, and giving them an early Christmas present: A new Christmas movie on December 1st. I came across a new ornament craft yesterday, and an idea for a "Snowman Breakfast." I love traditions because they instill fond and cherished memories from childhood (and even now as I create the magic my mother did for us).

What traditions do you ladies do or did while you were young?…

Melissa MiddletonPennington Gap, Virginia
    That snowman breakfast looks fun! We might have to do that. My husband always plays the Christmas story over and over all day Christmas Day :/ and usually we have our parents over before Christmas to give them their presents and have dinner. Breanika and bentley are still small to do too much, but breanika always wants to help with the tree.
      We follow my great grandma's Norwegian family tradition every Christmas. We celebrate Christmas Eve with part of our family. My mom's side of the family is big on traditions. We have a huge sit down dinner, then take family photos, then open presents and afterwords we have hot buttered rum or hot butter for non-drinkers. Then we all drive home. Then on Christmas morning, we get up for breakfast, and open stockings (which is always fun, even for adults), then we get ready to spend Christmas day with my dad's family. Now that I share Christmas with two families, we split Christmas day between my family and David's family.
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