Does your child have a lovie? Special friend? Blankey? I still have the Bear I loved as a kid. It is a Snuggle Bear (like from the Snuggle Fabric Softener) his name is "Snuggie" (creative i know :0) I still have him, he sits in my closet. My husband had a small dog named "Pound Cake" (haha i know don't ask). I was on a search for a Lovie for my girl that would make her feel as good as Snuggie did for me. He helped me sleep, picked me up when I was sad, went on all my adventure with me. I guess I never realized until I had her how important my bear had been to me as a kid, so I wanted to find someone special for her. I found this floppy Lamb named "Winky" she is super soft with a satin belly. Holly loves her so far. Did you have a lovie when you were a kid? Is it silly to put this much weight in choosing a little friend for my little? What do your kids have?

Here is a picture of Holly and Winky.

    My youngest Zayla has a Dora blanket she takes everywhere and she's had it since she was a baby so its all old and worn out. I've even tried to buy her another that looked almost like that one and it didn't work. My oldest Myla has a blanket too but she could live with out it. She has lots of favorite babies and stuffed animals that go to bed with her at night just depending on what mood she's in is what toy she's taking to bed. My nephew Lukas has a Mr.Bear, He loves that thing. He lost it for a while and his mom finally found it and brought it to his visit. He was so happy to see the bear again :).
      8Theresa Gould
      She's so cute! Ours had blankies, a stuffed Eeyore, Elmo, Pooh Bear, a lamb or a bear or puppy given to them by a friend (Noah's Ark stuffed animals).
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