I have a diagnosis!

So, like most women, I was in a lot of pain right after Avery was born. I thought it was just the normal pain that comes with my body going back to 'normal'. Then, when I started working out again I felt aches and pains all over. Again, that's normal, right? I had to get back into shape, my body was adjusting to life after baby, it made sense to be sore. For the first year I struggled to get back into a good training routine so the pain was never really worked out. Over the summer I got my act together and stuck to my training plan. I stretched before and after workouts, I did proper warm-ups, and I worked out all of my sore areas EXCEPT for some inner thigh/pelvic pain. That just got worse. If I exercised then I'd be almost crippled for the next two days. Then I'd work out again and it would start all over. I finally gave in and just stopped, thinking that maybe I needed to rest those muscles. I did feel better but the instant I did anything slightly strenuous the pain came back. Even after weeks of rest nothing had changed. Finally I got a referral to see a physical therapist.

My first appointment was yesterday and it went great. The doctor was very nice and very thorough. She told me that I had most likely stretched out the ligament that connects the two sides of the pubic bone. That's actually supposed to happen when you have a baby, but then it closes back up again as your body heals. It never completely goes back together, but the ligament should hold the bones tight. In my case it was stretched a little too far (most because I'm small and I gave birth while laying on my back) but then I didn't rest it properly. I was out taking walks and cooking before Avery was even a week old. I felt like I had to be, like I'd be some lazy bum if I didn't get back to 'normal' as soon as possible. She said that women should really rest for at LEAST two weeks after birth. Like stay in bed and do nothing but eat healthy, nurse, and cuddle your baby. Let someone else change diapers, cook, clean, and bring the baby to you. In some cultures they stay in bed for 30 days! Our society has lost that tradition and she said she sees a lot of women who suffer long term because of it.

Anyway, I didn't rest so I didn't heal. Then when I went back to working out I made everything worse. Now that ligament is over stretched and it's probably too late to really fix it. My only shot is to strengthen the muscles around it to try and keep it stabilized. The good news is that with a rigid physical therapy plan she thinks I could start to work out again in as soon as 2-3 weeks! Yay! I'm glad I wanted to share my story so other women don't end up like me :)

    Melissa Middleton
    That sounds so painful; I am so sorry. I did not rest much, and I am small as well. I healed though. Also, I had a C-Section so I am not sure if that made the difference. But, with the next one, I will be more cautious, especially after reading this. Thank you so much for sharing.
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