So im really close to the date that my dr is going to induce me and my baby is already almost 7 pounds. Does any one know of safe ways to help labor come soon.

    You're only 35 weeks? Is baby ok, are you ok? If everything and both of you are find they shouldn't even think of inducing you for at least another 7 weeks. It can be dangerous to baby and mommy when they make baby come if he/she is not ready.

    Natural induction is different for everybody. Red raspberry in small doses helps prepare your body for labor, rosemary.. Those are the two I can think of off the top of my head. I really do encourage you to be patient and enjoy the excuse to sit down most of the time these last weeks.
    Most doctors like the plan out the births so it's convenient for them.. Being December, she's probably thinking about not wanting to get a call on Christmas. It's your baby, you don't have to show up for the induction.

    You need to recruit some help. Pack a box or two, then sit down and rest. You shouldn't be lifting much (I know, not so easy with another little one) anyway and once that baby comes you'll be doing even less until you heal.

    When you sit down to rest, have back ups for you and your 10 month old, pile of diapers, wipes, trash can close. Snacks, extra drinks, pee before you sit down. That way you can sit, with your feet up for at least an hour. I know it's hard, but you need to slow down to take care of both your babies and you.
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