Thought I would share this with you ladies

Not sure how many of you nice ladies have given your teething little one these Hyland's teeth tablets, but I wouldn't recommand giving them to your little ones any more. Here is the link I found on my face book page will explain a lot more than I can.

    The active ingredient in teething tablet is belladonna. It's a natural drug (a plant) and like any drug you need to be careful with it, and follow the instructions on the bottle. The problem with Hylands was 2-3 years ago when somebody messed with the computer that makes the tablets and they got too much belladonna in the pills. Belladonna in high doses can cause siezures. Tylenol and Motrin can cause liver, kidney, stomach and urinary tract damage. No matter what drug you choose (if you so choose) to use to get your child through teething, you need to be careful and pay very close attention to the instructions on the bottle and start off with the smallest dose recommended and pay attention to your child. To get a reaction to the belladonna in teething tablets there was either something already wrong with the unfortunate baby in this story, or he got way too many.
    Teething tablets are perfectly safe as long as you follow the instructions on the bottle.
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