i had a dream the other night and i was in the bathroom of my house and i was taking a pregnancy test and it came out positive im hoping this is a sign. but has anyone else had a dream like this then found out they were having a baby iv'e been trying for a year and no luck im becoming very discouraged on the subject and my husbands sister just turned 18 and called us and told us she is pregnant i didn't tell her i was mad but iv'e developed a strong anger issue with her knowing she is the farthest thing from ready to have a baby let alone take care of her self and its making the issue of me not conceiving that much bigger since iv'e found out i cry very easily over the issue of not being pregnant and getting upset with my husband super easily... i know it was two things in one.

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i have one beautiful daughter and trying for another one or two with her great dad/husband. we also have two kitties first is roger then other is finn. we moved from New york to California in july 20th of 2013. tattooed pierced hippy loving family