patience is a vertue ?

ok so in september me and my husband started to try for our first baby we were sooo excited ! by november 1st we found out that he has to deploy in january for 6 months :( so we decided to stop and to wait until he got back which was a hard decision. now as we prepare for him to leave everyone around me is getting pregnant :( there are announcements on facebook 2 times a day and I'm trying to have patience with all of this but it def testing me lol it hard to hear about all these pregnancies when i want one so bad lol grrrrr ......i keep telling my self good things come to those who wait lol anyone else feel frustrated sometimes when ur trying and everyone around you gets pregnant in a flash ?

    Yes that is not a very nice feeling. Me and my husband is trying since August and it is the hardest thing to see the negative test every month. Makes me sad because I realy want a baby soooo bad. Seeing everybody get pregnant and not me is also very hard. I do hope that you decide to try one more time and that it will happen for you as well. Sending you a lot of baby dust.
    Yeh esp the one that say not pregnant or the sad face those don't make it any easier I try and stick to the lines lol.... We will start trying when he gets back in July and hopefully it happens quick lol best of luck to you as well !
      I have never had any trouble getting pregnant but I was older (35) when I had my first because I just had no luck finding the right guy and I wasn't going to have a kid with just anyone lol. I remember crying everytime one of my friends got pregnant because it seemed like it happened everyday and all I wanted was to be a Mom and it just felt like everything was passing me by. It was like everytime I turned around they were like 18 and getting pregnant and I was just getting older. It is so hard to sit back and watch and have patience...patience is SO hard!!!! Waiting is hard...good things do come to those who wait but sometimes it would be nice if they came without the waiting! lol
        Yes. I totally agree. I hate the waiting. And the hardest part for me is when they say it will happen when you stop trying. For me that is the hardest because its hard not to want to try. Feels like you waist time if you stop trying.
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