Which brand do you like best?

​So I will be breastfeeding/pumping (solely) for the first six months, any recommendations on bottles and pumps?

Thank you! Yes, 7 weeks and we could not be more excited! How far along are you?

I had no idea insurance could/would cover that, I will check into it!
Aw.. I am so excited for you!! I am 30 weeks this week! And let me tell you.. it has FLOWN by :) The count down is close.. haha! Have you been feeling well since finding out? I hope so :)

And YES! Totally call you insurance and get the 411 on that.. and so much more. I called a few times to get the low down of normal appts and what they cover, when it comes time to deliver, post baby and then things like the breast pump.. you might just be pleasantly surprised! :)
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