Baby Bottles!

Mamas.. can you give me the 411 on baby bottles?

I have my first shower on Sunday.. and a girlfriend asked what kind of baby bottles I was planning on using.. (insert CONFUSION) :)

I am planning on nursing and pumping.. but have no clue what bottles would work.. how could you know before baby comes? My bff told me to not buy too many of ANY kind.. because some baby's just don't take to certain kinds of bottles.. true? Good advice? What else do I need to know?​

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        8Theresa Gould
        I used Advent because "back then" they were touted as breastfeeding friendly and they have different nipples for different flow rates. I have no idea if other brands have replaced them or not.
          Honestly your baby is going to decide what kind of bottle they like, as different bottle brands have different nipple shapes. Some babies don't care, like my daughter, she'd drink from any bottle. My son on the other hand will only use Nuk. I suggest buying a couple of a few different brands to give your baby a choice. I don't breastfeed but I think people have different opinions on what bottles they love or hate based mostly on how much their babies liked them. Thats why some people may love a bottle while others hate it, even if it's supposed to be a "really good" bottle brand.
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