33weeks..6-7Weeks left!!

Hey Everyone Sorry its been so long since I've logged in but sooooooooo Much has happened, But I'm Getting closer now so I'm more anxious of course!!
Yesterday I was cooking and earlier I had a glucose Testing selling 4pm
Around 8:30-9pm..I blacked out while cooking and fainted feel on my whole left side, Face first then side, I was out for about 5 mins told and I was not responsive, I could hear but could not respond until I was picked up and rushed to the hospital, Everything turned out to be fine even though I hit the floor hard, I was monitored for several hours, but I am now supposed to be on testing bedrest which is where I need to be getting more sleep because I'm so weak lately.

    I'm glad you and your baby are okay! Take it easy and get rest while you can! Hugs!
      oh my im truly sorry that happened to u ....how r u feeling ??
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