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I know we at least used to have a certified tech on the site..

I saw something on Facebook this morning that is making me reel. Please PLEASE don't turn your babies forward facing before at least a year. Their little necks are not strong enough and can snap if you are in so little as a fender bender.

It takes a lot for me to comment and be so aggressive about it because I'm the parent that has to buy the cheaper car seats with the lower weight standards. But even those have a base weight of at least 25 pounds to be turned around. And I've been the mom that gets chewed out because my kids don't look old enough to be in the seats they are in. I read the laws again this morning and in South Dakota they are fine, but in Nebraska where we travel frequently, my boy is not and I could get a ticket if we were pulled over.

Most (if not all) fire stations and police headquarters have certified techs to check to make sure your seat is properly installed and your child is buckled correctly. And many states do car seat check days where you can go and get them checked for free, usually in a store or mall parking lot. Some states even have programs to help get you the proper car seats if you cannot afford it.

Please read your car's manual and your car seat manual to find how your child is supposed to be restrained. Most car seats even have the stickers on the side to tell you or you can look it up online, the model numbers are on the bottom of seats.

    Check out the website - Car Seats for the Littles. They also have a Facebook where you can ask questions and get recommendations on car seats that will work for your child and family situation/budget. It is a great site and I've learned a lot from it.
      I've learned a lot from car seat techs, too.. Mostly because I ask questions for everything and wanted to know what they were doing and why when fixing the seats. Two of the seats i have i got from the car seat program before it was discontinued, so they are base lines. One is just a model nicer, but what we could afford at the time.

      What really amazes me is the difference in laws/recommendations from state to state.. South Dakota says my 4 year old has been fine in a booster for a year now.. Nebraska says he shouldn't be in the booster he's in for at least another year. So I at least get a stern warning if I go through a highway check in Nebraska.
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