Biggest storm of the century.

Here in Northern California we are suppose to have the biggest storm in 8 years. So today will be busy day. My husband is taking it lightly but i feel with a 1 year old its always better to be prepared. I'm making sure we have gas in our cars, bottle water, candles, phones always charge and batteries for flash lights. I know it may seem a little over kill but they are staying the wind is going to be 60 mph and getting about 4 inches of rain. We are in a drought so this is going to be a shock to all our systems. Is it silly of me to be worried or is it normal to be prepared?

    Doesn't hurt to be prepared. To me in the midwest where those kinds of storms are normal (even in drought years), it is a little silly. But I know the drought has been bad out there. I'd make sure you have plenty of things to keep your son occupied, especially a plan in case you loose power (shadow puppets are a big hit here).
    Storm season here we have candles in every room and know where the matches are. We don't use the flashlights unless needed because of battery, but we do have kid-size flashlights for the kids, entertainment if nothing else. Keep toys picked up so you don't have to worry about tripping, and keep light in a corner where his toys are so he can see you and still play. More than likely he won't get scared unless you do.
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