How is everyone doing?

I've been doing pretty good just keeping extremely busy with the Christmas season and the kid's at school. We just got home from Church and I came in here to change my clothes but felt like sitting down for a minute so I got a chance to post.

We're going to be getting a new van soon, nothing wrong with the one we have now but Tim told me he wants to get us a brand new van, I test drove a 15 passenger Chevy Express which is what we have now and I've always liked them, then test drove a Ford 15 passenger van and decided that I like the Chevy better.

I went to my doctor's appointment on Tuesday and the doctor confirmed that I am pregnant and my due date is August 11th, everything went pretty good at the appointment and I'm extremely excited to be pregnant again.

We're having a family day today as we do every Sunday, Tim is actually off work today he had to work the last two Sunday's so it's nice to have him here with us today. I'm making chicken dumplings for supper with mashed potatoes and corn, Emily and Jason like my chicken dumplings and both have asked me to make it sometime soon so I'm doing that today.

Hope you ladies have a great Sunday, it's been awhile since I've had a good chance to post and thought I would update everyone that I'm doing fine just keeping extremely busy.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
9Michelle Fritch
Thank you Elena
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    9Michelle Fritch
    Thank you Laura. Hope your kiddos get better soon.
      Congrats, Michelle! Wow, I can't believe another baby is on the way. You and Tim must be just about the most fertile couple there is :-) I am pregnant with #4 (a surprise development, shall we say) and am so overwhelmed at the thought. And here you are calmly announcing your 10th child - ha! Color me impressed...Anyway, hope you're feeling good!
      9Michelle Fritch
      Thanks Rina. I'm kind of surprised I got pregnant this quick, we weren't really TTC but weren't preventing either and I knew I had a chance to be pregnant just was surprised at how quick I got pregnant again, my youngest is only 6 months old. I've been feeling pretty good just keeping busy with my usual daily activities and keeping the kids entertained. I feel like I'm running a 24 hour daycare somedays but then realize hey they are my kids and I just love it.
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