Are you LO's talking? Owen will be 1 in January and he doesn't say anything... just a lot of Mmm and grunts and Ah's.... He use to say Momma and Up but now he doesn't say anything.. we are trying to get him to say Da Da but he wont do it.... He wont say anything!!! Why wont he talk? He does't even babble... I know he understands us and can hear and all that but he just wont do it!!! Any ideas???

    Mark was the same way. He stopped saying mama and dada when he was 10 months old and resumed his talking when he turned 25 months old. Read to him throughout the day when you're not rushed. Talk about what you're seeing in the pictures. Say, "Look at that little boy. Does he look happy or sad?"Toddlers love music, and singing is a great way to build language. Teach him plenty of simple songs for little kids, especially ones that rhyme or make lots of sounds ("Old Mac- Donald").
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