My husband didnt tell me what he wants for christmas. Any ideas mom. I really want to give him the gift of a new kid but thats not gojng to happen. Me and my husband h​ave been fighting lately. But it always ends up as him just kissing me and saying hes sorry. I love him but 90% of the year hes on business trips. Any ideas to help us get closer like we were before?

Great ide!
    8Theresa Gould
    If he travels, what about putting notes in his travel bags for him to find them as surprises, you could also include a little gift item. Do you call or text him while he's gone? Have you shown an interest in something he's interested in? For example if he likes sports, have you sat down and watched a game or read the sports section to engage in a conversation about the sport of his interest. If he isn't into sports, apply this to something else he's interested in.
      Great ideas guys! Thanks!
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