negative tests putting me in a really depressed state of mind

so i had my last period on the 8th of November then i had slight bleeding only when i wiped and it was red between pink sorry for the tmi but it lasted two days and only when i wiped no clots either. then for the last few weeks ive had horrible head aches and today i had taken a test and it said not pregnant. im getting super discouraged but ive been tracking ovulation and i was supposed to get my period on the tenth and no show not even typical cramps from PMS but ive been having pinches in my left side of pelvic area like bikini line.... im looking for some kind of answers could i still be pregnant or what else could i do if not pregnant please some one help me pretty please

    You could still be pregnant. It may just be too early for you to test. If you still don't have your period in a few days I would test again and maybe even make an appointment to do a blood test to see if you are pregnant.
    I bet...I can't imagine. Sometimes the hormones levels are not high enough in the beginning of pregnancy to test so you could definitely still be pregnant. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you :-)
      Ever Lopez
      When you stress yourself your body start acting crazy, just take a deep breath and relax so your body can do its job.. like @Amy said you can still be pregnant! Best of luck keep us posted!
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