Hi it's been a long time, I'm ashamed to say

My husband cheated on me.
I mentioned that I was in Tahoe last summer helping my mom with her business and my husband stayed at our home in Oregon to continue working and keeping up on the house and taking care of our dog Lucy.
I found out about this when he came to visit in late august, according to other sources it happened two weeks before he told me.
When he told me he asked me to go on a walk. As we were walking he said we need to talk. I said ok, and waited then asked about what? What's wrong?..... no answer..... so I said "who'd you f$*! ?" He said "Breydi" which is a girl I had been hearing about all summer about how she was just like me and how we would get along so well when I came home ect. ect. Unfortunately by this point I had already added her on a few different social networks. Anyway, after he told me I couldn't stop crying and feeling like I was going to puke.
It's the worst thing anyone can hear I couldn't believe the man I chose out of all my selections who had promised me for 5 years that he would never cheat, and just break up if he ever felt like sleeping with someone else. I mean we just had a child 7 months ago.

I didn't know what to do. But three things I did know,
1) his mom bought a house for us and our child
2) I can't survive on my own in Tahoe with no plan (it's a seasonal type of place)
3) I can't see any man wanting to take on an infant and new mom.
So I moved back to Oregon and I've been trying to deal with this. Being the broke young couple we are we haven't sought professional help even though I know I need it.
Idk If I made the correct descision.
All my friends hate him now. So that's great.

    Ouch, I'm sorry to hear this.
      I'm sorry to here this and I pray the Lord will give you guys strength to work things out I know it's not easy however I pray the good Lord will bless you and your husband to seek counseling and a great Christian support from your Pastor and your love ones. I know this isn't going to be easy but I pray you will ask God to give you strength to forgive and to love your husband . You know know one is perfect and sometimes people are weak when they are not walking in the Lord. You be the strong one and ask the Lord to direct and guide you through this whole situation . Stay strong and may God give you strength, joy and peace in the midst of your storm God Bless You and your Family.
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          Bethany Reilly
          It sounds so tough. I'm so sorry:( definitely try to seek some sort of counseling. And if you guys are willing to work through it you can. I hope it gets better!
          Bethany Reilly
          Im here for you! :)
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