Doctor appt today.

Baby girl looks great and is doing well. I got to see her again which is always great :-) She is still normal size where Tristen was always huge. lol but he did tell me that they will have to watch me closely toward the end because baby may have to be delivered at around 37 weeks because the placenta is still in the front of baby. He said it looks like it is moving on it's own but if it does not fully move they do not want to take the chance of me going into labor and since it is already a planned c-section he said it is really nothing to worry about. He is so funny because I think he is used to women who freak out about everything and I am just not like that. lol
But everything else looks perfect. I have really been trying not to gain a huge amount of weight and have been trying to watch what I eat and this time I only gained 1 lb in the last month, but he told me that I am still right on track. I just can't wait to meet her!!!!!

I know I was shocked! I've really been trying to be good lol My belly has grown so much over the last month I was expecting at least 5 lbs! lol
    I'm happy for you, can't wait to see her! :)
    I can't wait either. I am so curious if she will look like her brothers or not at all like them.
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