is it hard to being a mom?

It could be hard if you didn't really plan your children. I wish I have more kids, and I want my life to be harder as a mom. My son is quite and easy going boy, I have no issues with his behavior or school, so I have more energy than I can use:) ​

My husband is my first "kid": he likes when I cook, and he is a talker, so when he is home, he talks to me all the time about everything: soccer, fishing, hunting-the most "interesting" topics for me. When I said I have to work, he has his cell phone and his friends to listen to him. It's funny how many topics for discussion he can make during 20 minutes period.:)

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    When your baby is in pain and you can not do anything about it, and he or she asks for your help !!!when they are ready to let go of you but you are not ready yet !!!!
      I think being a mom is hard for everyone at some point and time bu even when it is hard it's SO worth it :)
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