Isaac always wakes up after 10 minutes sleep in the night time.

9:30pm, I feed isaac milk, he's ready to sleep. But some how he sleep 5 to 10 min then wakes up with smiely face. 10:30pm, my husband and I are ready to sleep, Isaac still has a lot of energy don't want to sleep at all. He don't cry tho, but just keep says some baby language and moves around. Every night, it's about a couple of weeks like this. Luckily I don't work so I just wait until he gets really tired..but my poor husband has to work.

    Have you tried just leaving him in the crib in the dark after his bottle? That's what I do seth, He gets bored and falls asleep. I also heard that if they see you look them in the eye then they will think it's ok to be awake, and so if you close your eyes before they catch you with them wide open they will think your tired and sleepy, and then they will sleep, I have tried this and it worked for me.
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