I haven't been able to keep much down the last few days. Tristen is going crazy...but that is normal lol He has learned how to take off the footed sleeper pj's now, I found him naked this morning, little monster. Baby girl is kicking away and playing trampoline on a regular basis. It is so funny that I get so distracted sometimes that I don't think about being pregnant and then all of a sudden she will kick super hard and scare me. lol How is everyone else doing today?

Oh man I totally spaced dinner! Lol
    Melissa Middleton
    We all are trudging through the week here. I am so glad it is Friday. My step-daughter will be visiting her mother over the weekend (which is both good and bad. I love her to pieces but she has quit the mouth on her, and boy can it wear us out). We will be wrapping presents this week. Babies and toddlers tend to like being naked, even in winter. Lol My son loves to lay with just a diaper on, but he can't because he can take it off. He gets so excited when he gets undressed for a bath, my little nudist.

    I had to laugh at Tristen. And, that's wonderful your little girl is making her presence known. She seems like a strong one.
    This kid loves to be naked. I think I get him dressed 10 times a day. He will take his clothes off, then get cold and bring them to me to put them back on him. Lol
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