young moms vs more mature moms

I am not trying to offend anyone in anyways. Let's discuss reasons why being a young mom or a more mature mom works well for you!

    I like that I am a more mature Mom. I would have been fine having kids when I was younger I think but I like feeling more secure and stable and knowing that I waited until I found just the right person to have kids with. I am for sure more laid back and relaxed now that I am older and I think if I had kids younger I would not have been so relaxed about things. On the flip side, I do think I get worn out easier than a younger Mom. lol
      I guess that would depend on how you define mature... We all learn as we go along and the 3rd child is not going to be the same as the first. I have been told I'm young in age but mature in thinking... If that makes any sense.
        Melissa Middleton
        I am glad I waited to have children because I found the right person to spend my life with. But, maturity does not depend on age. I was very mature when I was in my early 20s. Now, I am 32. In a way, I wish I had them younger so I could have more, but I am glad I have my son now--I hope that makes sense. I believe I had my son at just the right time.
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